In Fearful Day

About Ring Powers Rules

"Stupid dreams. Even the good ones are bad, because they remind you how poorly reality measures up." Sinestro rp blog, post War of the Green Lanterns so he has his green ring. Pre Nu52, faceclaim is Zachary Quinto, female faceclaim is Hudson Leick.


Unexpected Visitors

These cretins were either stupid or suicidal Sinestro thought as he easily dodged the  incoming onslaught of bullets from two of the ships on his left, taking care to keep an eye on the three to his right. Apparently, they waited to ambush passerby’s to galaxies beyond the Milky way  by using a cloaking device. Just looking at the attacking ships he could tell they were from sector 1141 and the pirate’s spacecrafts were somewhat outdated.

If he had wanted to, Sinestro could have easily out-flown these things, not even having given them a chance to deactivate their cloaking devices but he needed to do something.  Pointing his ringed hand back at the enemies, a large flaming emerald bird erupted from his ring, flying straight at several of the ships. Everything inside them would burn.